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Important new options coming soon –

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The WhatsApp About to get a file Important update Regarding, in particular, Manage Voice Messages, which is now especially popular among many users of the popular messaging app, with options already in beta and will soon reach all users.

Specifically, it is a new way of to listen Voice messages: Until now, they could only be heard by starting the recording in the same chat you started these messages in, practically forcing you to keep the smartphone still during playback.

Whatsapp, screenshot of what the new voice message reader should be

For multitasking enthusiasts, this can be very annoying, as it makes it impossible to do anything else while listening to the message, but there is an important novelty that should solve the problem: as reported by the usual WABetaInfo, who always provided information so very reliable Regarding the upcoming news of the popular messaging app, it looks like you will soon be able to listen to messages too off chat.

Based on the image above, there is a variation of the program with a file modificationuser interface, is able to allow audio messages to be listened to also in other sections of Whatsapp, with a reader appearing superimposed on the screen and the ability to pause the audio, if needed.

We still don’t know how much this update will be available, but it won’t take long. Among other recent news, it was revealed that Last Access is no longer visible to outsiders to protect privacy.

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