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“I’m not going to make a movie with them.”

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If Brandon Peeria Can’t Wait For His MCU Debutin a recent promotional interview Jamie Lee Curtis has confirmed that she is not interested in Marvel moviesAnd for a very specific reason.

recently too Simon Pegg shut down in the MCUExplaining it in his opinion Marvel movies are not for adults. Curtis, the iconic star of true liesAnd the Armchair for two people And the Halloweenthe diplomat was arrested more, explaining: “I dread the moment I agree to make a Marvel movie, They’ll start sticking those CGI dots on me He forces me to work in a warehouse covered with a green background and is located somewhere he knows where it is’,” the actress said in a promotional interview with People, referring to His new movie is everything everywhere at onceIt will be released in Italy on October 6th. “All in all at once was the most fun and unexpected experience ever in my career, only because expectations were so low and as a result it was so liberating. I had a great time in the group, And there wasn’t even an inch of green screen!

Jamie Lee Curtis is back as Laurie Strode The first trailer for the Halloween endings, released this week. By tradition, the film that will conclude the new trilogy of the saga written and directed by David Gordon Green and a direct sequel to Halloween John CarpenterAnd the Released in theaters October 14th It’s just in time for the Halloween party.

while, Marvel Studios Comic-Con’s anticipation is growing: In the past few hours the deadline has apparently been spoiled X Men and Blade reboot titles.

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