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“I expect an attack on Ukraine from Putin” –

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From Giuseppe Sarsina

The US President speaks a year after taking office: ‘I haven’t over-promised’

Joe Biden is driven by facts To update the agenda. He responded to reporters, live, at the budget briefing held yesterday at the White House, a year after he began his term. First of all, covid“I will not say that the virus is destined to remain forever. Instead, I think we should go ahead and finish our work. We are working to speed up the vaccination campaign and distribute free tampons to citizens.” Then another emergency, inflation rushes: “Prices have risen rapidly due to a series of distortions associated with the epidemic, starting with delays in supplies. Chief Federal Reserve, Powell has already declared that it is time to reduce the support the economy no longer needs. For me, I have a plan to make the economy more productive and efficient. We have already made significant progress in restoring supplies; We will reduce the costs of energy, medicine and children’s health care. We also need to promote a more competitive system. Growth and competition will hold back inflation.”

But the problem is that the White House, at least for now, has failed to overcome the obstruction of the Republicans. Biden says, however, that he is “confident,” though acknowledging that he will have to scale back the initial programs: “I think at least some parts of ‘build back better’ (maneuvering investments and public spending) will become law.” The president made it clear that investments in the green economy and kindergartens, for example, could be “saved”.

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However, it seems that there is no hope, for voting rights projects. “That’s right,” Biden comments. Moreover, only yesterday, the Republican senators refused to open the debate in the classroom.

But there are also pressing foreign policy issues. Russia is at the forefront of concerns. Vladimir Putin will invade Ukraine? “If he does, he will pay a very high cost and regret it. I have clearly spoken with Putin. It is up to him to decide whether to continue the diplomatic dialogue or face dire consequences, with sanctions that will hit the Russian economy in a way never seen before. I issued Orders to send $600 million worth of military equipment to Ukraine. A military attack would cost the Russians a lot of human lives. ”

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