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Grifo, heavy knockout for the Primavera: Benevento wins 5-1

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Heavy defeat for Perugia spring to Of goodness Who lost 5-1 at home to Benevento. Samnites who get their fifth win in a row and keep pace CesenaFirst in the standings by one point.

Race champion Berlingeri Who scored a hat-trick to reach 21 goals this season. To complete the network picture Russian And Pengue. He scored the momentary equalizer for the red and white Giorgettisecond place in the league.

Perugia Which therefore remained stuck at 27 points in the standings, tied withyou no Which occupies the useful last place in the qualifiers. In the next round, the Red and White team will host the Monopoly team on Saturday, February 17th.


Benevento: nunzianti; Di Martino (31 min. Guerra), Ciorlio, Avolio (36 min. Illito), Panzarino, Marrone, Bingo, Donatello (36 min. Fastigi), Berlingieri (36 min. Poletti), Rossi, Di Serio (15 min. Francescotti). ). Available: Giangregorio, Polverino, Damiano, Fierro, Festino, Esposito. Coach Dario Rocco

Perugia: Yemga, Brisco, Valasca, Cesoni, Rondolini (36d Bussotti), Ibn Talib I, Liconas (15d Barberini), Patrignani, Lomangino (31d Sittaglia), Ambrogi (31d Bernacci), Giorgetti (15th). Saint Caprari). Available: Pilea, Panaro, Dalla Valle, Torre. All Giacomo Del Bini

to rule: Claudio Giuseppe Allegretta from Molfetta (Andrea Cecchi and Niritsalam Andreambello from Roma 1)

Networks: 9′ Point, 45′ Point, 32′ Berlingeri Point (B), 18′ Giorgetti Point (P), 29′ Rossi Point (B), 43′ Pengue Point (B).

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