Home sport Football, the new coach of Real Sil San Vito could be journalist Giovanni Flores

Football, the new coach of Real Sil San Vito could be journalist Giovanni Flores

Football, the new coach of Real Sil San Vito could be journalist Giovanni Flores

CELLE DI SAN VITO – Celle di San Vito (FG) is back at the forefront of national news, because the coach of the home team could be journalist Giovanni Flores. It all started with a statement to the press, issued to Corriere della Sera, in which the D Tuesday host and before that Ballaro admitted that he had dreamed of becoming a coach of an amateur team, so much so that he signed up to the Italian Football Coaches Association in Lazio.

RTL 102.5 took this statement seriously and, together with Foggia journalist Antonio Villani, an expert on amateur tournaments, intercepted the phone call. Mayor of Celle di San Vito, Palma Maria Giannini, to ask her if she would like the famous journalist and TV presenter to be able to coach the local football team.

“We will not only be happy, but also honored to welcome such a famous and competent personality,” the mayor of Selle di San Vito, Palma Maria Giannini, announced in the radio broadcast. After receiving yes from the mayor of the city of Sele, in the next few days the same radio will contact Giovanni Flores to propose to the coach of Real Sele San Vito. Nice provocation, of course, but also a possibility to explore, because why not?

Real Seal San Vito's captain and coach, Fabio Romano, also spoke on the radio broadcast, reaffirming Giovanni Flores' warm hospitality. An entire city follows the fortunes of the Celes football team. In fact, many fans, especially at home, enthusiastically fill the stands of the small city stadium.

This is not the first time that the smallest municipality in Puglia has made headlines for events linked to events of national and international importance. Two years ago, Selle di San Vito invited none other than French President Emmanuel Macron to the party The inauguration ceremony of the bronze statue depicting Charles I of Anjou, the sovereign to whom we owe the origin of the village. Not only did Macron take the trouble to respond to the invitation and reject it due to the commitments already made, but he also took care to arrange for the arrival of the French Consul General for Southern Italy, Lise Mutumalaya, to the Celle di San Vito. The Celes football team also ended up in the national news spotlight in 2022, specifically, On Ray Tre, in the national TV show “Il Settimanale”. The report, edited by Polish journalist Emiliano Cirillo, for the “Migrant Team” said: Because a few months ago, the Celiz team moved from the third category in Foggia to the third category in Benevento. A step taken above all to reduce travel costs by reducing the number of kilometers needed to travel.


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