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Field Hockey: Amsekura, the final day and the final assaults of two tournaments

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As exciting fans like, to win the Serie A title you have to wait until the final day. The same is true in the men’s elite, where the duel between Tiver and Amsekura is separated by two points, and in the women’s elite with the challenge between Amsekura and Valverde, with the Cagliari team at +1. The Tiber among men and Amsekura among women reach the final race before the neck. The season that ended had more than one distinctive mark, the relegation of the Italian title holders Bra and Butterfly, and Amsekura is seeking to obtain the double league as in 2015, 2016 and 2020 (in the latter case the titles were handed over after the tournaments stopped).

Elite men in the Italian League

Amsekura ended the season in Rome against former Luca Angius player Lazio, who is third in the standings. To win the 25th championship they must win and hope Tipper does not win the derby with Butterfly, who are in danger of relegation after five successive defeats and a consequent penultimate place. These are two games where anything can happen with heroism and redemption intertwined.

Those who still had to save themselves were Verini, who still had two teams behind them. Last match tonight in Maxia with Bra. As of 2021, matches between the two teams mean the Italian League and the Italian Cup. Today the Piedmontese team is already relegated, and Verini must win without resorting to countless combinations that also include Butterfly, Tricolor and Vulcheson.

Women’s Elite League

Tomorrow is Amsekura day. If they beat Torino Universitaria in Ponte Vittorio they will be celebrating championship number nine. The myth calls for caution, as the game has not been played yet. And win. Last Sunday, the victory over Valverde and the move to the top of the standings, with the Sicilian team absent from the celebration. Eschoyez’s former Torino is already secure after the recent win over Milan.

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Ferrini’s last match in Rome with the Butterfly. Ferrini saved, and the Romans went down. A year ago, the two teams played in the final of the double tournament. Now things went differently.

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