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European women’s football. A different and not a little sport –

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There is no doubt that girls play otherwise, and the mistake is to expect the same game as men. The meaning of sport is inequality if we seek teams because the difference is within us

I love women’s soccer, probably because I don’t have to watch it, I still don’t have schedules I respect, above all because of a kick in the game’s source. Maybe a different god, not a less god. Always football. Make football discrimination a fragile habit. There are millions of men who play among the amateurs, they are always men, but they have a different football. It seems like the wrong time to make selections now that we’ve all learned to walk and run. Jacobs cannot always be the reference. I don’t even understand the difference between women’s and men’s football. The hundred meters are always the same, in the pool or on the track. They have no gender. If anything, it amazes me that almost only women write about women’s football. Maybe we who can go further. There is no doubt that girls play in other ways, it would be horrible to see them play like guys.

Everyone has to play as they know and how they can. Women’s soccer is often more technical Having a nicer and more flexible body, women accompany the ball, seeking to dribble much more than men’s tactics now allow. When they play well, the show is not inferior, perhaps less predictable, and less full of qualities. I wish I could write about games by judging the game, not the sex. The mistake is to expect the same game from men and women. The reference must be dropped. The sense of sport is inequality, everyone brings what he has and almost always is not enough even in the same kind. Simply the best wins. But the best is measured by the discount, not by sex. If we necessarily want to see a difference, then it means the difference within us. We have to take care of ourselves, not football. Italy, which is starting the European Championship, has its opponents: talented girls like us. I don’t know if they will win, I know I am interested in seeing them, and even judging them, as an old master of football who always shared the way with a woman by his side. Go and play, there is an unspoken world of soccer. Each interpretation is different. Bring your own. Italy is always alive.

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