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Doka Digital for shower space design

Doka Digital for shower space design

Doka Digital It is the new platform designed and developed by duke To create a path Customized configuration of shower cabinThis is to guide the user towards the most appropriate option to meet any need for the bathroom space in which it will be installed.

The innovative configurator allows you to dynamically display all the product lines that make up Duka's wide offer, and is designed with every detail and step to make selecting the most suitable model or solution for installation simple and intuitive.

Shower cabin A very complex product that combines many technical and aesthetic variations and characteristics, Duka Digital was created with the aim of facilitating the selection of the “perfect” product and improving sales advice in practice.

Duka Digital, which includes the system of rules and knowledge of Duka, allows you to obtain complete, correct and up-to-date information about a specific solution, and the results of different configurations of the shower cabin can be accessed from the website, at any time.

Doka Digital

Duka Digital includes the Duka My Measure appthe new tool to guide the process of taking measurements and make it simpler and faster, allowing the collection of accurate and organized documents, in order to find the most appropriate solutions.

Duka Digital confirms the quality with which Duka works, understood not only as excellence in the production of shower enclosures, but also in support and constant attention to its interlocutors, now also in “digital”.


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