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Determine Calcio Monza, summer training camp and first friendly matches: here are the dates

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Same team, same place, same stadium: also for Season 2024/2025 the Football Monza Choose Execute Pre-season preparation In the area Pontedelegno TonaleAccording to Formal communication From the same red and white community.

The new technician Alessandro Nesta The list of athletes – which is still in the process of being compiled, given that the only market movement, in addition to the expiration of various loans, related to youngster Omri Forson – will prepare the list. The third championship in the Italian League In the known place Valcamonica from 10 to 24 July.


The company also contacted i The first four matches are friendly: Sunday July 14 5 p.m., first family “outing” between Monza Bianco and Monza Rosso. Wednesday 17th challenge to New CamoniaIt is a third-tier team that lost 11-0 last year.

Sunday, July 21st match against Real Vicenza (Last year the match ended 5-0), finally Wednesday 24 July at 4.30pm match against Alcione Milano, a newly promoted team to the third division. Last year, there were two friendly matches against third division teams (against Gianna Erminio and Ves Pizarro), also to allow all the red and white players to get playing time in their legs.

Other obligations

beforeStart of the tournament (August 17-18)red and white will also be shared First round of the Italian Cup (possibly between August 3 and 4)as well as in The second edition of the Silvio Berlusconi Cup.introduced last year and designed as a match on alternating courts between Monza and Milan: The Match It can be played at San Siro on August 13.

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