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Deadpool & Wolverine: Kevin Feige Had Only One Condition For Hugh Jackman’s Return | Cinema

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At a fan meeting in Shanghai, China, to promote Deadpool WolverineDirector Shawn Levy talked about the film’s arrival in Italian cinemas in a few days.

Levy revealed this specifically. Kevin Feige He had only one condition to offer Logan. Hugh Jackman In the Marvel Universe:

He said to me: “Yes, but he has to wear the yellow uniform. Can we finally get him to wear it?“And so we began.

Staying on the subject of “Terms”, in aAnother interview Shawn Levy instead spoke about the one request he made. Ryan Reynolds While they were filming Adam Project:

I was in Vancouver filming. Adam Project With Ryan and he said to me:Okay, I know you’re going to say no, but I’m not going to direct a Deadpool movie unless you direct it.“I replied that I would love to do that, because the truth is that if I were accustomed to working in an environment of ambitious dimensions as I had been since the films Night at the MuseumTelling an epic story of massive proportions is a dream.

Deadpool Wolverine With Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds will hit the cinema in Italy on July 24We at We’ll see it at the midnight preview at the Arcadia Cinema in Melzo.Find all the information related to the Marvel Studios movie. In our profile.

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