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Deadpool & Wolverine: Expectations Revised Down, $160M Debut Would Still Be Record High | Cinema

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Three weeks after his release Deadpool WolverineRevenue estimates have been revised downward compared to the previous month.

The film starring Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman could debut in the US for between 160 and 165 million dollarsBut in these three weeks until the movie’s release, Marvel Studios will launch the final part of the promotional campaign, so viewer interest can rise even more.

However, if these initial predictions are confirmed, the film will break the opening record for an R-rated film, currently held by dead poolWhich reached $132.4 million in February 2016. And that’s not all in terms of records: $150 million would be enough to set a record not only in the career of Ryan Reynolds (dead pool), but also in that Hugh Jackman (103 million The 10th Man: The Last Stand).

Finally, it will be the best movie debut of 2024. Inside Out 2which has reached a valuation of over $1 billion in just a few weeks, debuted in the United States with $155 million.

Deadpool Wolverine It will hit theaters in Italy on July 24We at We’ll see it at the midnight preview at the Arcadia Cinema in Melzo.Find all the information related to the Marvel Studios movie. In our profile.

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