Home sport Couple in charge of Uisp Futsal First Division – Grosseto Sport has been fixed

Couple in charge of Uisp Futsal First Division – Grosseto Sport has been fixed

Couple in charge of Uisp Futsal First Division – Grosseto Sport has been fixed

Section I Grosseto

Couple leading Serie A reforms: Barbagianni Carrozzeria Terena takes advantage of Pascaglia's absence and gets the three points needed to catch up with Atlético Barbier, who went off to rest. Thus, the race towards the playoffs reaches another important stage, as Pizzeria Ballerini tries to secure third place after a difficult 5-4 victory over Montalcino. Captain Pascenti's team is more lively than ever, fittest at the moment of those fighting for redemption, but Biagini's brace allows Follonica's team to narrowly prevail. The fight for fourth place was also very interesting, with both Tpt Pavimenti and I Rigattieri Cdp winning: Turini's youth overcame the withdrawing Boccaloni, while Valani's side took advantage of Stefanini's hat-trick to take the lead (7-1) in the match. Las Palmas Restopop.

Serie B Grosseto / Futsal Cup

Just Group A, second class This week, all the spotlight was on the big match between Immobiliari Rossi and Calcio Shop: another exchange of positions between the rivals, with the Rossoneri performing at very high levels, especially defensively, by defeating Hodorovic and his team. Teammates by 4 to 1. It has to be said that there are two teams who deserve to move up in the category based on what they have shown so far, with the duo of Ortiz and Linterno, two of the most positive players all season, making the difference. . Immobiliare Rossi who returns first, but with Calcio Shop will have to play another match. However, also watch out for Giovani del Bivio, who would like to be the third wheel: Stamati's talented hand decides the match against Vets Futsal 8 to 4, fresh from several positive results. A great tournament also for Nomadelphia with the connection of Nere (Samueli and Dario) the great protagonist in 8 to 3 against Baronda (Tony Corridori 2), while striker Chachi allows the Endurance team to return to success (10-6) for the endurance of the Mitini team despite the trio of Arguilas and Mazzei.

The last race on the calendar has been recovered Futsal Cup, with Cassai Gomme winning 6 to 3 in the practical corner, overtakes them in the standings and enters the professional draw. Scalise is decisive, thanks to the game of poker that resolves the conflict.

Grosseto Football Championship Eight

It is certainly a big week for the fate of the Futsal Championship, with Lido Owasi ahead of Young Boys. The Guerrini pick up three free points against Fratres Grosseto, who are a no-show and take advantage of the Young Boys' defeat to Barracuda to put their title challengers at bay. The Barracuda proved too indigestible for the big teams: after making an impact against Lido Oasi, braces from Ingratti and Rossi sealed a 4-2 win against the Biancoviola in stoppage time. Santiloni and his teammates partly consoled themselves with the three points against the retreating Partizan Degrado. Previously, Fratris had won 3-2 in the other scheduled recovery match, which was against Carr Centre, where Berti's hat-trick decided the match. Castiglionesi resumes its steady march to defend third place by defeating Barracuda 2-1, signed by Fiacci and Malusi, while Health Lab wins the match against Ristorante Il Filiero by default.


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