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Can the West really help Zelensky? –

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to Guido Olympio

The Ukrainian president has asked for more military assistance. The United States has allocated another 350 million, but the diplomatic unknown about Moscow’s reaction remains

Ukrainian President Zelensky asked for weapons and ammunition. The countries that support it have promised new supplies. why is that? In recent weeks, there has been a steady stream of cargo planes desperately seeking to bolster their defenses in the face of impending aggression.
Let’s move on to concrete. The United States has allocated $350 million in military aid and $250 million in other civilian items. The Czech Republic announced an $8.6 million package. Includes ammunition, sniper rifles, machine guns and optical systems. Tracking equipment that was in late January, when artillery shells were sent. It is possible that France, like other governments, is willing to do its part. With or without saying it. There have always been triangles. At the moment, the Netherlands plans to send 200 Stinger (anti-aircraft) missiles.

To help the defenders, a proper logistical network is needed. At the time of the Soviet presence in Afghanistan there was a Pakistani rear, from here it passed on the path of feeding guerrilla warfare. Now Poland can perform this task, as sources from Washington have already indicated. It is a neighboring country and there are a few thousand American soldiers here, including the Barah administrations.

But what kind of weapons can be sent? certainly Anti-tank systems to slow the march of Russian columns. An indispensable use at this point but will become even more important in the event of guerrilla activity. This was evident in Syria: before the decisive Russian-Iranian intervention, Tow missile launchers, delivered through complex channels, destroyed Assad’s armored units. It is mobile, can be hidden and carried. They do not change the balance of power, but rather make life difficult for the occupier. No less important are mortars, radio communications, explosives, mines, night masks (to take advantage of the most favorable conditions). And again, portable anti-aircraft missiles, to counter helicopters, as has always happened in the Afghan theater. Ukraine already has many of these “pieces”, as well as the arrival of large quantities of anti-tank Javelin. Nothing’s as secretive as on social networks it is filled with pictures of shipments, fans have tracked them on Twitter, and even compiled lists. But stocks are quickly running out.

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So, the Russians have their countermeasures. Passive and electronic tactics. The pictures showed the presence of several devices in the army formations to ward off the threat of improvised explosive devices. The helicopters that took part in the operation fired “light bombs” at Gostomel airport to confuse the missiles. Putin’s soldiers – at least the most trained – must know the risks, as the General Staff knows, it is difficult to assess the impact of many recruits on the baptism of fire.. Some observers noted too much caution, little initiative, and a tendency to stay closed on buses.

Finally, there is the contract of diplomacy. Sending weapons across neighboring countries, however, is implicated in the conflict. How will Moscow react? It could threaten retaliation. Joe Biden ruled out any direct US military involvement, and officially announced it to the nation. Does the promise also include the covered activities of the CIA? In 2015, intelligence launched an assistance program for Ukrainian special forces: Was this thread cut? Hard to believe. Modern history says that everyone uses covert action. Moscow, Washington, Jerusalem, Tehran. It is in things. Attract leaders. Because sometimes it’s the only possible way, even if you don’t know where it can lead you.

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