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Brusasco opens “Il Cammino di Tebenghi”, a journey between art and science

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Municipal administration of Brusasco We are proud to announce an exceptional event for It celebrates one of its illustrious sons: Mario Tebinghi. the July 13 at 5 p.min a suggestive manner La Fenice Squarewill be held Opening of “Il Cammino di Tebenghi”. This path consists of: Eight pictorial panels, It pays tribute to the life and works of a man who was able to combine art and science in an exceptional way.

Mario Tebinghi, nicknamed the “Master of Time”He spent most of his life in Brusasco, and devoted himself passionately to it Milliethe science that studies the construction and use of time-measuring instruments based on the apparent motion of the Sun. Tebinge created sundials that not only accurately measured time, but were also works of art.

With his extraordinary passion for the science of meditation, Mario Tepenghe has been called the “Master of Time”.

The opening track is a tribute to his mastery. Each painting installed in the city center illustrates an aspect of Tebenge’s life and work, allowing visitors to discover how he managed to combine rigorous science with exquisite aesthetics. His sundial, which casts the shadow of the hour hand on a graduated surface to indicate the time of day, is a concrete example of this fusion.

Having moved to Monteglio in 1926, Tebinge showed an innate talent for drawing from a young age.It was immediately recognized and cultivated under the guidance of the local sacristan. His passion for gnostics profoundly marked his entire life. After a long career as an advertising graphic designer in Turin, In the 1960s he went to live in Brusasco With his family, he was finally able to devote himself entirely to making sundials. He lived in Brusasco until 2019, the year he died at the age of 97.To find in this place the ideal environment for his artistic production.

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ShOne of more than 500 sundials made by Tepengé adorns the façade of the bell tower of Chivasso Cathedral.

During his life, he created more than 500 sundialsrediscovering an almost forgotten tradition. Curated by his son Danilo Tipinghi, his historical collaborator Giorgio Mestorini, the artist Giovanni Camillo, and city councilor Gian Lorenzo Lagna, this installation is an emotional journey through the key stages of Mario Tipinghi’s life. Each painting tells a part of his extraordinary story, from his childhood in Monteglio, through his years in Turin to his period of peak production at Brusasco.

Giulio Bosso, Mayor of Brusasco, expressed his deep gratitude for the legacy left by Tebinghi.

Mayor Giulio Bosso is supervising the project He expressed his deep gratitude for the legacy left by Tenghi: “Mario Tepenghi will forever remain a true master of time. His works are not ordinary sundials, but authentic masterpieces that capture and reveal the splendor and magic of time. Each of his creations is a journey through the centuries, a dance of shadows and light that tells ancient and profound stories. His sundials are not defined by Not only are watches, but they invite those who watch them to reflect on the fleeting and precious nature of time. His ability to transform simple materials into tools for contemplation is a testament to a rare and unparalleled genius. Mario Tepenghe has left us a legacy that goes beyond art: he has given us a new perception of time “He made us rediscover his hidden beauty and eternal magic.” Mayor Brusasco concluded.

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Brusasco doesn’t stop here. In conjunction with the installation, the municipal administration announced the start of the installation process It is creating a “Sundial Interactive Park” in the historic Palazzo Ellena park. This ambitious project aims to Turning Brusasco into a reference point for gnomes lovers, Art and astronomical science, it attracts visitors from all over Italy.

The opening of “Il Cammino di Tebenghi” is more than a simple celebration. It is an invitation to discover and appreciate time through the eyes of a man who has dedicated his life to capturing its essence. At Brusasco, you can be amazed by the stories each painting has to tell.

Below is the poster with Event Program (Free admission).

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