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‘Boycott this movie on Netflix because it’s racist’: Angry debate over ‘trigger warning’ with Jessica Alba

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A scene of an American attack on Syrian soldiers came under fire

It is climbing the Netflix charts and in Italy it is topping the movie charts. There has been huge anticipation around the thriller “Trigger Warning” with Jessica Alba. The actress plays Special Forces agent Parker on a mission abroad. One day he receives news of his father’s tragic and sudden death. While trying to understand what really happened, Parker becomes the owner of the family bar in her hometown, where she reunites with her former boyfriend, now Sheriff Jesse (Mark Weber), his quick-tempered brother Elvis (Jake Weary) and the strong father and Senator Swan (Anthony Michael Hall).

Parker searches for answers, however, when he has to deal with a violent gang raging in his hometownHe no longer knows who to trust. Determined to stop at nothing to discover the truth, she begins to draw on her experience as a special agent. With the help of secret partner and hacker Spider (bell ringtone) and ties to local drug dealer Mike (Gabriel Basso), Parker tries to figure out what went wrong in Swan County.

The matter ended up in the eye of a storm of controversy, from some platform users who wrote at the time on social media, These are the racist accusations towards one of the scenes in which we see American soldiers participating in the war in the Middle East – Hiding in a humanitarian aid truck – and launching a brutal attack on Syrian soldiers. So they wouldn’t have liked the movie because of some gaps in the dialogues and scenarios. Despite that, the movie was a tangible success.

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