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BBC journalist John Hunt’s wife and daughters killed with crossbow: Fugitive Kyle Clifford found, now in hospital

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The killer, Kyle Clifford, 26, is the ex-boyfriend of one of the daughters of newspaper journalist John Hunt. BBCHis wife was also killed. The crime took place in Hertfordshire, north of London.

After a chase that lasted for hours, they were found.Kyle Clifford, 26, who shot and killed three women with a crossbow, Bushy, not far from London. He was stopped in the cemetery. He is now in hospital.

Clifford was the ex-boyfriend of one of the murdered girls.Home Secretary Yvette Cooper wrote on Twitter that she had been “fully briefed” on the “horrific deaths of three women”. “I urge the public to provide the police with any information they have.“He added. The British police asked the killer to surrender.

A terrorist motive was initially ruled out. “Kyle, if you hear these words: Please surrender,” were the words of the call issued by the local police chief. The triple murder was about to happen. Yesterday afternoon in Bushey Just north of London. The bodies of the three women were found inside the house where they lived. to find dead bodies It could have been the same journalist who gets home just before 7pm.

The police confirmed in an official statement that Clifford He may still be armed.It is not just the crossbow that is believed to have been used to carry out the massacre. Police have advised residents near the crime scene not to leave their homes. “Right now our first goal is to protect public safety.” A spokesman said. In the afternoon he was searching for the fugitive. Drones were also used.

The journalist’s wife was named Carol and his two daughters were Louise and Hannah. The British media added that The victims were tied up. Before he was killed. The killer had briefly served in the British Army, a fact confirmed by the Ministry of Defence. John Hunt would discover the bodies when he returned home. The journalist worked in Five Live, dedicated sports broadcast BBC. Specializes in racing suspension.

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