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Barletta Calcio, next week will be announcement week: poker for expats is already decided

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From the schedule, the start of next week should coincide with a series of transfer announcements at Barletta. Strategies are formed, rumors become reality, hypotheses turn into concrete actions. The need for a company called to make up the ground lost in terms of credibility last season towards the market and create a team capable of competing at the top in excellence but also ready in the event of a request for re-admission to the next Serie A championship, is an option that is not at all simple, and must be accepted.
The starting point for the market area in these first days of work was determined by experience. It is no coincidence that the first four operations identified in practice are headed by players who know the category well: Gianni Montrone, a 38-year-old centre-back, Oni Toretto, a 33-year-old attacking winger in his last experience at Canossa, the wild card Vito. Lavoba, 29, recently spent at Molfetta but is already at Barletta in two distinguished experiences between Serie A and Excelenza, and Pepe Lopez, who is also a striker at Molfetta in the 2023/24 season. Poker players who already have a full agreement with the club and are only waiting until July 1st to become full red and white members.

Then there are the closing negotiations: one of these concerns Michele Laraspata, the full-back born in 2001 who played last season with Borgoroso Molfetta in the first group of Eselenza. The same group that Barletta studied for one of the options between the posts, Dario Somma from Picelli, focused on equal terms with Antonio Figliola from Martina. The idea is to have one more goalkeeper than necessary and focus on the bottom two goalkeepers stipulated in the regulation in the midfield. But the procession of names carrying years of Apulian football on their shoulders alongside the red and white club does not stop here: from Gallipoli they are working to bring in defender Alex Benvenga and midfielder Alessandro Cialpi, already in the red and white team for four years. To Barletta, while the pressure continues on two former Fidelis Andrea players, such as midfielder Andrea Botaleco and winger Esteban Giambozzi, who scored eight goals in Group H of the Italian League last season. Not easy operations, which also means the economic sacrifices the club will have to make to try to restore the relationship with the club, which has been broken over the last 12 months. Confirmation chapter: Lobosco in defense and Caputo in attack, as well as baby Belladonna (born 2006), could also be part of the 2024/25 squad. All this while waiting for July 1, when the future coach, Pasquale Di Candia, who has been on the bench for several days, is also supposed to be announced.

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