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Angel Di Maria is close to renewing with Juventus – AO Sport

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Important news arrives from Argentina to Juventus. According to Tyc Sport, in fact, Angel Di Maria and Juventus FC could shake hands to extend their relationship for another season. A revelation that opens an important scenario in view of the 2023-2024 season with the “Fideo” that could, therefore, have already chosen.

Let’s try to assess the situation a little. Angel DiMaria He landed in Turin and made his landing official on 8 July. And, according to insiders, the Argentine champion decided so Stay in Europe for another yearAfter Paris Saint-Germain chose not to renew his contract, to prepare in the best possible way for the World Cup in Qatar 2022, which he will then win (with a goal in the final).

The unwritten agreement was to finish the season in a Juventus jersey and Then he returns to his homeland to play the final part of his career in the beloved Rosario Central shirt. But, as we’ve seen over time, “Fideo” still seems to have a desire for football at the highest level, so it’s started weighing options for next season. Francesco Calvo, president of Juventus Football Club, confirmed how The chats with the Argentine delegation are palpable And that everything has not yet been written.

News arriving in these hours from Argentina as well Increase chances of potential renewal From the class of 1988 with coach Max Allegri’s formation but the feeling is that Without relegation in the Champions League, everything could get complicated again. We still have more than two months until the end of the season, so we’ll just have to see how Juventus closes and, in turn, What will Angel Di Maria’s decisions be in the future?

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