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“After choosing the formation, I want aggressive football. Dele Bashiru and Greenwood…”

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Barons of Lazio -Marco’s show day The BaronsWho recently became the new coach of the team LazioThe former Verona player is ready to start his adventure at the Biancocelesti.

The first press conference ended a few minutes ago. Mr. The Barons He answered journalists’ questions, and actually sent some signals that should also be understood from a visual point of view. Fantasy Football.

Among the various questions he asked, he announced the framework of the unit in which it would be published. Lazio: The setup will definitely be a four-man defence with two wingers.Within this there will be possible variables. “But we will not move from there, it is clear that this is just the system, and then there is the most important part of the team which must have cohesion, balance and ferocity.”.Then the technician answered the first questions about Daily Basheer And on the rumors related to Greenwood.

Baroni Lazio: “Dele Paschero and Greenwood? I answer like this.”

Barons in Lazio The appointment of a new coach is a reality, as the coach appeared for the first time today at a press conference. The first indications of Fantasy FootballThe former Verona player admitted his desire to do so. “Dynamic, rhythmic and aggressive football”When asked about the new purchase. Daily Basheer He answered like this: Can Dele Bashiru play in the three midfielders? “Excuse me, I don’t want to talk about individual players. We have selected the players, evaluated them according to their qualities and I have to make them fit into our plans thanks to the work of the technical staff, then the player is always put in the position. There must be a lot of knowledge on the spot to try to make the individual player express himself to the best of his ability.”.

The Barons Then it also meanders around the alleged Lazio’s interest in GreenwoodIn response to a question about the English player, the coach replied as follows: We know the value of the player, I know he is a good player and can play abroad.“I don’t want to talk about this situation, I don’t want to talk about individuals and market conditions.”.

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