Home entertainment A very powerful drama on Netflix: an 18-minute short film with a decidedly emotional story.

A very powerful drama on Netflix: an 18-minute short film with a decidedly emotional story.

A very powerful drama on Netflix: an 18-minute short film with a decidedly emotional story.

Find out the review and watch the trailer for Netflix's short film, an intense drama that was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Short Film

Search between Netflix series There's a production that manages to condense a great story into just 18 minutes. This time we are talking about A short filmwhich is comparable in intensity and value to a respectable feature film.

He was assigned Academy Award nomination for Best Short Film for the year 2024,”The next one“, directed by the very famous photographer Misan Harrimanhis directorial and producing debut neon movies And Europa Saxon Productions.

An important note regarding the intense and exciting soundtrack, written by the Sicilian (but American by adoption) Francesco Le Metrewhich is proud to cooperate with the biggest names in the world of cinematic music.

They are in the cast David Oyelowo And Jessica PlummerAble to convey all the drama and hope that comes from a story told in such a short time and space.

the Tractor Official on Youtube It shows precisely this: all the heartbreaking despair of a man inside a stationary vehicle, which will then be made clear by seeing a story that is both painful and at the same time makes one think about its existence.

This is a different product from the usual film or series, as the director wants to address two main concepts in a few lines and scant images: pain and the necessary healing process that follows.

The screenplay consists of brief dialogues related to everyday events, with few but poignant jokes. Despite everything, life continues and the world does not stop, this is the inalienable truth.

There is great attention to color and the scene in general, which becomes a mirror of the hero's moods and emotions.

This short film, available on Netflix, has an approval rating of 61% from users GoogleWhile he scored 6.2 out of 10 IMDbwhere photography and interpretations that generate a great sense of empathy and identification with the audience are appreciated.

An audience that will not be able to hold back their tears while watching this title that is not known to most people, but is exciting for cinema lovers who love to discover new horizons.

Netflix, with its wide range of options, can certainly meet these types of streaming user needs.

there Plot The film tells the story of the day of taxi driver Dayo, who is preparing to spend some time with his wife and young daughter. The prequel explains what will happen.

In reality, the man will witness, quickly and unexpectedly, the death of his family. Shocked by this unparalleled tragedy, the man will begin an inner journey to understand how to move forward with his life after the tragedy that destroyed him.

Through the passage of simple images and the use of one location (a taxi), the director will want to convey the idea of ​​the way time passes for those who suffer and the way the pain persists.

In search of that useful awareness to reconnect with life.

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