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A show of fire that gives birth to small red berries

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If you are inside Canada In autumnSpecifically Atlantic regions of the countryYou will see Entire fields were floodedIn this Expansions of tiny fiery red dots float by. You are faced with the “Cranberry” collection American Cranberry Or Cranberry (Vaccination Macrocarb): a plant native to these lands has become a real source of business for Canadian farmers. Cranberries – sold fresh, canned or dried – they are ready Many recipes Common to, but not limited to, North America. Cranberry is, in fact, a fVery rich in benefits and nutrientsAnd it can be Used in very different ways in the kitchen.

What is Cranberry: Properties of Canadian Gold

The Canadian Cranberry It is a different type From what we are used to seeing in Europe, it comes from the Alpine regions, including Italy. For if in our forests it grows on the ground among the trees, Blueberries from abroad like Sandy and peaty moist soilThe fields where it grows are calledCranberry Swamps”. It is situated wild state, Carnivores are used as food by animals, but real ones have been developed over time Major industrial crops: Precisely these types of fields require very careful water management and require a different type of crop depending on whether the product is to be sold dry or used fresh.


Canadian Crops: Floating Crop

Collection period CranberryCanada, going From late September to mid OctoberWhen the fruits reach a Rich bright red color Their completion indicates maturity. there Harvesting techniques vary a lot Based on the type of product you want to get. Berry that intended Immediate sale They are coming dry harvestUsing a comb machine: Fruits that are sold as they are should be eaten very fresh.

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there A very attractive collection What happens to A portion of blueberries should be processed and juices, sauces and preserves. In this case Fields are literally flooded Until you get Water at a depth of about 10 cm: Then shaking machines are used, which shake the bushes and shed the fruits. At this point, here’s the “magic”: Blueberries float to the surface, and float thanks to air bubbles inside them. So it’s very easy to collect them using the vacuum pump and with these huge expanses of little red balls floating around, it creates a really amazing landscape.

“Water” should be cranberry Worked as soon as possibleBecause when wet it cannot be kept until “dry” harvest, which is why this particular harvest is only done for industrial processing.


Differences with European blueberries

There is not just one type of blueberry, but 3, each with specific characteristics. In nature we can find:

  • Cranberry or better, l’American Cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon), which we are talking about in this article: it is an endemic species that originated in the eastern part of the North American continent. It is a small evergreen shrub that usually reaches a maximum height of 20 cm, but it can “spread” 2 meters from the roots. It blooms between May and June and the fruits start ripening in between September And NovemberWhen the blueberry skin turns from green to a beautiful bright red.
  • Cranberry (Vaccinia Vitisidaea), also known as European cranberry. It is a plant belonging to the family Ericaceae Native to the northern forests of Eurasia and America: a perennial evergreen shrub that can reach 30 cm in height but grows horizontally. It lives in swamps and produces fruits during itfallBest time to harvest
  • Cranberry (Vaccination Oxycoccus): In Europe it is the most common red berry species in the wild. It is a small evergreen shrub of the evergreen family Ericaceae, although it mainly develops in swamps. Also known as marsh myrtle, The plant has the ability to attract certain fungi to its roots Mycorrhiza, which creates a symbiotic relationship with the aim of restoring beneficial nutrients to both organisms. A plant that produces blueberries with deep red skin, harvested during harvestfall.
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Cranberry Properties: A small fruit with great benefits

There is a reason for that American Cranberry He is much loved in Canada and beyond: though so small, he is real Concentration of beneficial properties. First, there is a lot of it Vitamin C, the natives used it as an antibacterial agent in the past. Plus, it covers a lot Vitamin A and B vitamins, both of which are essential for the regulation of our body. Like other types of blueberries, red is rich in color Antioxidant polyphenolsGreat for fighting tissue aging, protecting blood vessels and fighting free radicals.

Cranberry strengthens eyesight and is beneficial for many people eye disorders, At the same time lies in its specific characteristics Remedy for Urinary Tract InfectionsThanks to its antibacterial properties, but A remedy for inflammation of the digestive system.


How to use cranberry in cooking? All uses of small forest fruit

In the kitchen, the Cranberry It is a A very versatile ingredientCan be used sweet as well as spicy, but carefully: unlike black, in fact, cranberry It has a highly acidic taste. Precisely for this reason, we usually tend to avoid fresh consumption, and prefer it in dried or m formJams, sauces, syrups and smoothies. For example, Americans use Cranberry Sauce To go with the popular turkey during Thanksgiving.

Actually, cranberries Goes well with meatEspecially with Roasts and fillets Especially in pork, it can be glazed or stuffed, perhaps with dried fruit. In jam form, it goes well with desserts like cranberry Cakes And donuts, at the same time Dried berries And sweetened they are great as ingredients for nutrition bars, dried fruit mixes, cereal mixes and snacks.

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Dried berries are also suitable for preparation delicious sweets, as BundlesPlumcakes, muffins, soft squares and a lighter version CookiesMade with blueberries and pistachios instead of chocolate chips.

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