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“a dream come true”

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Arissa And Rocco Siffredi together on Instagram. At the moment only in a series of selfies that the singer has posted on social networks, but the collaboration between the two is up in the air. what kind? At the moment, this is unknown. In fact, Arisa shared five photos with the porn actor, without leaving any comments in the comment of the post. A puzzle that has already sparked the fantasies of followers. “It didn’t happen, but if…” one Instagram user wrote, referring to the possibility that the latest winner of “Dancing with the Stars” would accept the proposal made by Rocco Severidi a few months ago, when he announced in an interview that he wanted to make a movie. Red light with singer.

Arisa and Vito Coppola on Domenica In: ‘We can’t define our relationship’

Arisa and Rocco Siffredi, the mysterious post on Instagram

Another follower adds in the comments to the post: “We have a dream in our hearts.” “These faces say everything,” a girl writes, commenting on the amusing expressions of the heroes of the pictures. In selfies (already very viral), the two are smiling, making tongues, joking: perhaps it is precisely the will of the unusual couple to spark the imagination of social media users.

Rocco’s suggestion: “I’d do anything to make a movie with Arisa.”

“I would do anything with her to make a movie,” Rocco Siffredi said in an interview last November. “An offer” that Arisa did not accept, although she admitted that she did not want to rule out any opportunities for the future: “I am not opposed to sex workers at all and I respect them like all other workers – stated the singer in the episode “Dancing with the Stars” -. If I take my career one day A sexual turn, I wouldn’t have any problem.” Fans keep dreaming.

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