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International Leadership Seminar Comes to Durham

One of only 300 sites Worldwide!

Leaders are always looking for opportunities to learn, but every leader has little time to spare.

L2: Learn - Lead Durham and East Toronto is the new simulcast event designed to breathe new life into leadership through world-class speakers - in a convenient, half-day format.

Stuart Torr of Integrated Sustainability Honoured with a 2015 Delta Management Clean50 Award

The team at Integrated Sustainability Consultants Ltd. (Integrated Sustainability) is pleased to announce that company President Stuart Torr is being recognized as an Honouree of the 2015 Delta Management Clean50 Awards in the "Consultants" category.

Du poison dans l'eau potable d'Ottawa?

Pourquoi toute cette agitation autour de la fluoration de l'eau? Les résidents d'Ottawa en ont marre avec le gaspillage de ce programme non testé, d'être mal informés sur ce qui est déversé leur approvisionnement en eau, et ont été ignorés pendant plus de quatre ans d'informer et d'essayer de motiver les conseillers pour mettre fin à cette pratique répréhensible qui ne leur donne pas le choix de médecine qu'ils peuvent prendre contre la carie dentaire.

Is There Poison in Ottawa's Tap Water

Why all the fuss about water fluoridation? Ottawa residents are fed up with the waste of this untested program, about being misinformed about what's in their water supply, and have been ignored for over four years of informing and attempting to motivate Councillors to end this reprehensible practice that gives them no choice in the tooth decay medicine they can take.

Share Lawyers Gives Disabled Workers True Insurance

There is a universal truth of disability insurance: you get hurt, you are covered. Or, at least, that is what you think. Share Lawyers is making sure this truth remains true.

The 2014 Subaru Outback 3.6R: A Welcomed Bandwagon for the Leading Tall Wagon

The 2014 Subaru Outback 3.6R is a car of legacy. Built on platforms akin to the Legacy sedan and paired with the Subaru-famous All Wheel Drive, this Outback brings both class and adventure in one ride.

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