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Dealer-FX Announces Integration Agreement with DealerBuilt

Dealer-FX announces that they have partnered with DealerBuilt in a third party integration initiative.

Workplace Trust Found to Significantly Impact Key Business Results in Retail

This media release announces a recent large scale research study in the Canadian retail sector finding significant links between workplace trust, corporate culture, and key performance indicators.  It provides business leaders with empirical data and strategic insights for transforming corporate cultures needed to drive superior business results.

Award Winning Author Shows The Way To Success

When a life changing event like being diagnosed with a chronic illness happens to someone, they can feel as if they have no future. Karen Magill thought her life was over when she was diagnosed with MS in 2000 but instead she found a new future. Now, she is running personal workshops to help others do the same.

Ella Bella Maternity Boutique Under New Ownership

Calgary's most established maternity shop, Ella Bella Maternity Boutique, has switched hands and the new owner, Stephanie Kozina, is ready to give expectant and nursing mothers the service and quality they expect from a boutique store.

Scientology Narconon Fraud - New FBI and RCMP Files

August 29-30, 2014, the FBI, RCMP, and the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, received information and a request for investigations into Scientology’s international mass-marketing fraud, and civil conspiracy. Hundreds of documents and numerous sworn Affidavits have now been directed to the aforementioned entities for review and analysis by investigators.

The Narconon network has scammed and defrauded countless victims out of hundreds of millions and continues to do so unchecked by many government and health agencies in the United States, and elsewhere. In some cases, it is alleged that authorities fear filing lawsuits or taking on any litigation proceedings against Scientology-Narconon.

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