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Press Release: Parasylum Horror Novel Spooks Critics And Receives Rave Reviews

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Critics are being spooked and reading Parasylum The Trilogy Begins, with the lights on! It has gone as far as getting rave reviews from award winning journalists, award winning film producers to publishing critics. Robbie Thomas has established himself as an Indie Author who keeps the big guys watching.

"Parasylum cements Thomas as 'THE' author in horror to keep your eye on!"

-Horror Fix Magazine Press Release - Oct 26, 2012 - Best Selling Author Robbie Thomas, comes out with a new hit horror novel! Parasylum The Trilogy Begins, has journalists, film producers, publishing critics keeping their eye on Author Robbie Thomas. Magazines have featured Thomas in the past for his other works such as Time Shift The Paradigm which has hit #3 on the Best Sellers List on Amazon in the past and now, they are featuring his newest release, Parasylum!

Award Winning Journalist Martha Decker reviewed Parasylum, giving it great credentials and 5 stars for the haunted horror’s within. "Parasylum is Book One in a new trilogy by Thomas. It will scare your pants off and leave you frantically waiting for Book Two. Try not to have nightmares once you've started reading the book. Make sure you think twice before going into one of the many haunted asylums for your own paranormal investigation. Also keep in the back of your mind that it may not let you go when it's time to leave. Thomas' story, Parasylum, takes place at Grandview Asylum. Walking through the halls you can hear the screams of tortured patients. Orderlies have their way with as many patients as they want. If you chose to visit you may feel like someone is after you in the worst way. Abuse reigns at Grandview. Then you wake from your dream remembering some of the other horrors of your mind. The story is about Jason, his paranormal investigators Michael, his girlfriend Samantha, J.C. and Jason's wife Abby. Horrors await the five as they travel to Grandview to make a visit to the asylum. Once inside the asylum events begin to unfold that will leave your mouth dry with anticipation for learning what's around the next corner or in the next room. The ghosts like new company but the big question is - will they allow the five to leave?"

- Martha Decker/Journalist

Parasylum, The Trilogy Begins, is based on Paranormal gone wrong! An inexperienced investigative team of enthusiasts enter a decaying Asylum that time has forgotten. The five members of this paranormal team are quickly met with evil residents that have been craving vengeance for the torturous experiments they have endured decades ago. When we think of a horror book being written, we imagine the ghoulish content, the override of killings and the lustful antics of a good old scare. Parasylum delivers much more than that with the mind bending illusions that only one tries to eclipse within their mindset. It has only been released in its first week and already captivating critics around the world. It has been said to be, “One of the best horror/thriller rides ever!” by Mike Kalinowski, Schiffer’s Book Review Critic.

The presence of the book alone from onset looking at the cover is enough to bring shivers down your spine, but it’s when you first open the cover you realize just from the signature markings and special detail taken in manifesting more than just words on a page, it carries the air of eerie ness as the artwork within the pages captivate the reader. As one walks through the mindset of Mr. Thomas, you can clearly see the footprints of someone who has actually travelled to many of these haunted locations only to scribe into words what was encounters from such relics and ghosts from beyond. Frightening, absolutely! Robbie Thomas, authored this magical piece of horror, which weaves its way within the walls of a desolate Asylum where a team of inexperienced paranormal investigators come face to face with the utmost evil that can be summoned from the abyss of no return. It will captivate you, hold you tight while you truly struggle within yourself throughout the book only to get to the end, which has a complete ninety degree turn that will leave you shaking your head wanting more, much more!

Critics Have Spoken and we have encluded a few remarks from them, as Parasylum has now sent chills into their reviews.

"Parasylum, a terrifying read that will leave you jumping at bumps in the night!" - Chapters And Chats/Suspense Magazine

"Thankfully we have never investigated a place as haunted as Parasylum! I think if we ever did, I would run. Run as far away as I possibly could and never look back over my shoulder." - Michael Lamport, Award Winning Film Producer, Lamport & Sheppard Entertainment

"A horrific dream turned into nightmare reality, which is only the beginning of this walk in terror. Frightening beyond imagination when the tormented souls of the Parasylum scream in your mind! They want to share the dark with you! Keep the lights on!" - Rocky Karlage, Award Winning Film Producer Producer & Screenwriter

"Thankfully we have never investigated a place as haunted as Parasylum! I think if we ever did, I would run. Run as far away as I possibly could and never look back over my shoulder."-Michael Lamport, Award Winning Film Producer, Lamport & Sheppard Entertainment

It is available on Amazon and Ebook as well as all their affiliates for those Horrifying Novel readers. This is one book highly recommended if you like to take a ride on the mind freak that transforms dreams into nightmares and nightmares into reality. Hold on folks, this is one to keep your eyes wide open for!

For more information on Parasylum and the Author, Robbie Thomas, visit



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Author: Josh Harding
Oct 26, 2012
Great Read Parasylum!
Read it and reading it again! I'm hooked and can't wait for book two of the series. One hell of a horror story that left me with chills. Good Job. Highly recommended, two thumbs up!

Author: Elaine
Oct 27, 2012
I got the book and couldn't put it down. Read the entire book in a day that is how impressive this novel is. You really feel like your right there with all the characters going through everything they did. I love the style of writing Mr. Thomas did, I could picture everything so easily. AWESOME READ!

Author: Donna McCarthy
Oct 29, 2012
Wicked Reading!
Totally blowen away by this book. Great read all around. Loved how the author puts you in certain situations like you were really there. I could actually picture everything so easily. Very well written, loved it!

Author: David L.
Oct 30, 2012
I belong to a paranormal team and we have come across some creep Sh*t! BUT, this book and and the way it is written, holy crap. Like the one Critic said, "run and run fast if we ever investigated a place like Parasylum". It did give me shivers reading it as it lent itself to drawing me right in the story. Takes a lot to do that with me but this book did that with ease. I love the representation of an "inexperienced" Paranormal team and how they worked together, it so resembles teams out there and yes mine too. Just crazy to see this put into words and the freaky-ness of it all. I know Robbie Thomas is well known in the Paranormal field and with everyone in it, he is really looked upon as one of the pioneers for many things. I loved his other book, Paranormal Encounters and that too was totally off the wall. Haven't had time yet to get Time Shift another one of his books but I plan on it. Well written Mr. Thomas, great work dude!

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